Friday, 6 November 2015

Calf And Lamb Day

Bang! I have popped a balloon. Miss Ogle gave me a chocolate. I headed off to the next class. This game, you have to throw the paper into the cones. I got 20 points. Mrs Proctor gave me a lollipop. It was hard to find the next game. 
I looked at every game there was. Then I found another game to play. You have to throw the hulla hoop over the cone. I got two in so I got two chocolates. I went back to Miss Ogle's class again. All the chocolates had run out so if you get a balloon you got a Mana Moment. It came to my turn but this time I missed all of them. 
So I went into Mrs Procter's class again. But again she had no more lollipops left so if you got 100 points you go a little chocolate bar. 
I then went to see the art. It looked cool. After that the bell rang for pack up time. I went home with mum. 
Lamb and Calf day was fun.

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